Open a US bank account for non US residents, With Master Debit Card

us bank account for non us citizens

It is not a daydream to open a US bank account for non US residents, With Master Debit Card,In 2 Weeks...

Deposit funds from your PayPal, 2CO, & AdSense accounts. Withdraw funds from any ATM around the world.

We will show you exactly how to get your own US bank account within 2 weeks!

If you are selling using PayPal, 2Checkout, ClickBank, or any other common online payment services, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your money to your own country.

Our downloadable file includes simple instructions to successfully open your own US bank account. It includes several choices.

The reason I have decided to release the us bank account goldfinger guide book to the public is that the key to solve all above problems is you must have a right US bank account, a Master Debit Card and a total practical solutions from my own experiences to utilize Paypal and other online leading systems like Adsense, Ebay, 2CO, etc.

Need some PROOFS?

    First, FREE Master Debit Card

Free Master Debit Card picture

My recent transactions with this us bank account:

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Here is what you're getting!

  • Own a free US checking account for less than 5 days.
  • Own a free Master Debit card. (Note: This is not a Visa debit card)
  • Verify your US Paypal account with a US bank checking account. (This bank also work with Paypal account at many countries like UK, Canada, Singapore...)
  • Use Paypal to receive money even your country isn't in Paypal support list (for open a Paypal account, or for receive money from others).
  • Withdraw money from your Paypal account. Especially, if you have many Paypal accounts you still be able to withdraw money from these account at any time you want, without worry about your paypal accounts get limited access.
  • Receive money from your customers's Paypal accounts; even you don't have any Paypal account.
  • Accept Paypal payment at any site, even the site can't use Paypal anymore because the previous Paypal account, which you use for this site is gotten limited access.
  • Use US checking account to receive money from many pay gates all over the world.
  • Use free Master Debit card to withdraw money that you earned online at any ATM machine all over the world for life. Shopping online, even you don't have any credit/debit card.
  • Avoid Paypal limited access your Paypal accounts.
  • Withdraw money from your online earning at Big business like Paypal, Google Adsense, Ebay, 2CO, StormPay, CJ, etc
  • Join ClickBank, CJ, Ebay Affiliate Program even your country isn't in their support list. Broad money making opportunities with these affiliate systems.

Features and Benefits

  • This bank can open and active in shortest time ever (less than 5 days).
  • This bank can use to receive money from any online systems with ACH support like Adsense, Ebay, 2CO, etc
  • Master Debit Card you can use to shopping anywhere online or off-line where Master card is accepted as payment method. You can use this card to withdraw money at any ATM all over the world for life.
  • No SSN required (Social Security Number)
  • No US mailing address required
  • No need passport if you have national identify card (NIC) or driver license
  • No need to certify passport (or NIC, driver license). Just mail a photocopy
  • Deal directly with the bank, no middle man.
  • No contact with bank's employees. So you don't need have English speaking and writing skill.
  • No need for a middleman
  • No credit check. Anyone can open even with bad credit history.
  • No need fly to USA to open in person. This saves much money, time and effort for you.
  • Receive US Deposits and Pay Bills using ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Deposit US checks. Just send checks to the bank by mail. No need go to the bank office.
  • Save Clearance Time and Money for checks from your online venture. And you will have more cash flow and time to develop your business.
  • Avoid high bank charges from your local bank for clear your checks.
  • Free ACH direct deposits
  • Non-US residents may legally open this bank account and are not liable to pay tax in the US.
  • 24/7 Phone Support. Nothing else required
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