This property specifies a sound to be played while an element’s content is rendered.

q { play-during: url(accordian.wav) mix }

Some text

Possible Values
Value Description
inherit Explicitly sets the value of this property to that of the parent.
mix This value indicates that whatever sound file is to be played for this element will be played with the sound inherited from the parent element's ‘play-during' property. If this value is not used, the element's background sound replaces the ‘play-during' sound of any parent.
repeat This value indicates that the specified sound will be repeated to fill the time needed to render the element, if it is too short. Otherwise, the sound plays once and then stops. If the ‘play-during' sound is longer than the time needed to render the element content it will be clipped.
auto The ‘play-during' sound of the parent element plays only once more.
none Nothing is played in the background during the element's rendering, not even any parent ‘play-during' value. Parent ‘play-during' values will resume playing after the element is rendered.
[URL] Indicates the URL to be used as a background sound while the element's content is rendered.