Dynamic Content: Fix it Now or Suffer Later

Sites that use Macromedia's Flash are often beautiful, animated works, but when it comes to the search engine game, these graphic elements do not enhance the site's visibility. The spiders are blind to the content in that beautiful Flash image. This problem is particularly significant when the Flash content is on the index page of the site.

The time to determine the impact of a dynamic platform for content creation on your site's SEO program is before you get locked into the platform and before you design the database. If you don't do it now, you will find yourself looking for "workarounds" and other rescues to keep your site from sinking into the quicksand of search engine oblivion.

Search engines spiders are a very old, primitive technology. In recent years, spiders have evolved that crawl the Web faster and can capture more data, but they are still the same basic technology. Today, Google displays and index dynamic content pages, but only when the pages are submitted.


Your workaround for creating search-engine-friendly Flash alternative pages is very similar to that for frames. Your solution is to use a keyword text and phrase-rich entrance page that offsets the copy that is buried in the Flash. Another solution is to create a two-frame frameset where one frame is only one pixel in height. In this mini-frame, you can use the tag to create an area where you can put your content. Still another, less visible pleasing, option is to alternate your use of Flash with static content. Remember: Search engines don't read Flash or text in graphics, and you must include an alternative source.

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