Generating the Code for the Myspace Backgrounds

Although it?s not that difficult to create your own MySpace backgrounds some people just don?t have the ability to code in any language. Since this makes it somewhat difficult to customize your MySpace pages, you might find that you?re stuck with the generic pages which MySpace provides.

To help you avoid this possibility, if you do a bit of searching on the internet, you will find that there are dozens (maybe even hundreds) of websites out there just waiting for you to come along and find the MySpace backgrounds that you want.

You will also find right along with these, an interesting number of graphics, icons, layouts, glitter graphics, and animations among other things which you can use to customize your MySpace pages.

There are also a number of sites that offer code generators to create customizable MySpace backgrounds. This means that you don?t have to be stuck using the graphics and such that the websites give you if you don?t want to.

You can generate your own MySpace backgrounds using the code generator that they provide. All you need is some idea of how you want your MySpace pages to look, and an image of some sort that you want to use as the main background image.

After that you then use the MySpace backgrounds code generator to generate the code, and copy the code. Once you do this you can then log on to your MySpace account and go to the ?Edit Profile? link.

From here you will be taken to another page under the heading of ?Interests and Personality?. It?s in this section, in the ?About Me? text box that you will need to paste the code which you copied after generating your customized background.

You can then preview your newly customized background, and if you like it you can save any changes you have. If you don?t like you can then go back and generate different MySpace backgrounds until you find one that you like.

You also have the option of using one of the more generic MySpace backgrounds which are available on these sites. These will have all the necessary components in place, and if you find one that you like, it?s merely a matter of copying the code which will be provided along with it, to your MySpace pages much as you did when your generated the code for the MySpace backgrounds.

If at any time you are changing the current background that you have to a new one, whether it?s customized MySpace backgrounds, or whether it?s the generic pre-made MySpace backgrounds, or even whether you create a new one yourself, you will need to first delete the earlier one you were using so that your new code works properly.

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