Php Web Development: Advanced Programming Technique

Personal homepage or hypertext preprocessor or PHP as it is also called, is a programming language that is designed to generate dynamic Web pages that interacts with databases. PHP is generally an HTML page-embedded scripting language that is designed to develop homepages of websites. PHP has been developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 as a personal homepage, the scripting language widely used that designed for developing web applications. The goal was to increase the effectiveness and relevance for the same. PHP Web pages are treated as ordinary HTML pages, changes and updates can be performed in the same way as simply created in HTML pages. When the page is opened by a visitor, PHP commands are processed by the server and then send to the visitor's browser as a result. It is an open source and multi-platform technology that runs on Windows NT and UNIX versions.Today others, among all scripting server side, PHP is often used to create dynamic pages as it is easy, fast , secure, open source and stable. For programmers who have a good knowledge of languages such as C, JavaScript and HTML, PHP seems to be very easy to learn and understand. Also, he feels comfortable to learn PHP, if a person has an idea on C and Perl.PHP is an important feature called connective capacity. In this function, it can interface with a variety of libraries, such as graphics, XML, encryption, etc. by using a modular system extensions. PHP includes many database servers and interfaces that make it easier, faster and reliable .. It can load side as Apache, IIS, Roxen, and THTTPD AOL server and databases like MySQL, MS SQL, Informix, Oracle and so HBO is also an option if there is a problem with all interfaces and databases.In PHP offers enormous advantages that help programmers to use this technique of programming, including easy integration with Web pages. PHP interfaces especially work well with one of the most popular online database known as MySQL. To automate web sites, PHP and MySQL is the best choice than ever.