Simple Ways to Improve the Design of a Website

Simple ways to improve the design of a website

The best way in designing a website is by keeping things simple and consistent. The following are few easy ways to improve your website and impress the visitors.


The first and the foremost aspect of the website is the Logo. The logo should be in all the pages of the website preferably located in the left top corner of the page and the logo when clicked should be linked to the main page of your website. By doing this, it will help the lost visitors to come back to a familiar page.


Page title is most important as the search engines identify your website by the page titles in the results displayed by them. It also helps not only to identify your website but also the specific page.

Image size

The image size in your website determines the loading time. Bigger the size of the image, then there will be a delay in the page upload. The size of the image can be reduced either by using graphic optimizing tool or using thumbnails which offers the viewer an idea on how the main image will look like when viewed.

Short pages

Make the pages short for the visitors to read or provide hyper links briefing on the topic, with a link to the full article in another page. If the page cannot be shortened, then break the contents into different parts, providing a link for each of them where the visitor can continue to read.

Content Updates

The contents in the website should be updated regularly if you want loyal visitors. When there is always something new to read, visitors will come back to your website. If the contents are dated, then this would inform the visitor the new and old topics.

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