Six Most Silliest Website Design Errors you Should Avoid

In err is human, but not to learn from its mistakes can sometimes cost you more than what you can afford. In my ten years of offering web design, development and web site maintenance services, I met a lot of the design blunders that can be avoided by being a little more cautious. However, I would like to mention a few web design and web development blunders that correspond to be discussed in this article. Theme MisspellOne mistakes of the beast can never do is misspell domain name by going to its registration. It can therefore happen that you might be doing the registration of the domain name on behalf of your customers and if you communicate with most often addition to the vote, you are likely to wrongly hearing things that can jeopardize their future. For example, if you register instead of, you probably have had your customers. Make sure you hear something correctly if you rely mostly on the voice chat with your customers.Expiry domain NamesThis is another mistake you will always hate to commit. Imagine your domain name expires after a certain period of time probably because you forgot to pay the registration on time to renew your domain. That could be very awkward if you have already made a name for your site website.Flashing Your Cyber UndergarmentsSome management platforms offered by hosting companies store site statistics as a common name files / statistics /. Unless you to password-protect in this case, your visitors will see the most confidential statistics on your site. In the process, you could show all data traffic on your site. Do not be surprised if you find some of your guests informing you that they are quite impressed by the last month of trafficking flow.Displaying Sensitive Company InformationOften Web designers are not aware of the real part of the copy of the Web page and can make mistakes potential publishing All content on the web page of the copy provided by you even if there is some private information that was meant only to help the web designer to do its job effectively. It can happen to any organization, regardless of their size and stature. For example, in 2006, AOL released a report on the research data containing private details of thousands of AOL customers. Although information has been removed from the site a few days later, it led to the sacking of AOL? S chief technical officer.404 Errors PageThe web design worst mistake that you can commit is to design the custom 404 error page for your visitors without being apologetic for them or leaving any evidence for them to help them go to the top they want to see. This could seriously put them off and have them click on the back button.Site Closed For MaintenanceIf you take your site off the interview, even temporarily, you could lose your ranking you have earned so painstakingly. Search engines do not understand the signs? Back in fifteen minutes?. If robots search engines to index your site when it is down for maintenance they will assume that if the indexed pages earlier that they had ceased to exist. Accordingly, they will drop your pages in their search index which means that you will have to wait until they re-index your site. The simplest solution to this problem is to set up a mirror site during the maintenance period.
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