Try Joomla Hosting to Support a Soaring E- Business

Joomla is a content management system (CMS), which allows anyone to create Web sites of professional appearance that can be easily updated and managed, without a thorough knowledge of php web development, web design and MySQL services.Are are you looking to build your website and support e-business using Joomla? If yes, then will can save you hundreds of hours of research, testing and installation, offering the best joomla hosting services. You can use this to gain time to focus on the content valuable you are going to put in your site.Our high speculation dual Xeon servers are located in a data centre high-security in Brisbane, Australia. You can feel at ease knowing that your information is supervised 24 hours. We provide high performance, cost-effective redundancy. This includes:? RAID1 10000 rpm hot swap SCSI. ? Sept hot cooling fans per server. ? Dual power supplies on the rails of a separate monitoring. ? Dual network cards on separate network switches. More alternative drives and fans in the building ready to go on the rare chance they ever necessary.? Backups are performed on the disk and on tape, every day.? You have redundant servers in place to facilitate the quick recovery in case of failure of critical systems.? RedHat Linux cPanel and are used to ensure the quality of services as designing Web sites.? PHP 4.4.2? Perl 5.8.7? Apache Web server? Red Hat Linux Server OS? Interface webmail? The tasks Cron? WebAlizer and AWStatsJust imagine your website hosted Joomla and future business on the Web is ready to go. It is configured and set up exactly the way you want it.You have full control over your website? S of the beauty of our hosting services joomla. And now, because joomla hosting can provide a site Joomla preconfigured, you can get the most out of your site from day one.
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