Web Application Development

Web application development is the first step to create a website over World Wide Web. In this process, both designing and programming phases are covered to develop a website. After framing up the necessary layout, website has been designed in the first phase; development phase comes after completion of this phase.
Web applications are treated as the business policies realized over the Internet by using user, business and data services. The web application development prototype includes user services, business services and data services. This model splits an application into a network between users and services providing organization.
The user service layer makes a visual channel for the user to cooperate with the application system. It can vary from basic HTML and DHTML to complex Java applets and COM components.
Business services layer provides business logic and procedures to user services layer. This layer vary from web scripting in ASP/ JSP/PHP to server side programming like TCL, CORBA and PERL through which user can execute complex procedures through a web interface.
Data service is the last layer in this prototype. Data storage and retrieval system includes databases, file systems, and writeable media. Among these, databases are most suitable for Web applications. It allows programmers to store, retrieve and update definite information in an organized and structured manner.
Web Application Development Phases
The Web Application Development has Four Phases:
1. Visualizing the project: This phase includes identification of the project by management and developers to judge its feasibility. Proper documentation is prepared after visualizing the project.
2. Planned work out: In this phase, anticipation about the functioning of the project is done. How the project plan and functional specification is to be achieved, what technology, features, work force, time span will be required all things are outlined in this phase.
3. Design & development: After the project plan and functional specification, initiation of design & development work takes place. The development team starts coding, testing and integrating data by using the data variables, entities and coding procedures. An objective document is organized by the development team and given to the management for further analysis.
4. Testing, implementation and maintenance: This phase of the application development generally focuses on testing and identification of the bugs and their removals, inconsistency and other problems that may cause the application to be unsuccessful. After successful testing phase, application is implemented for the user-side.

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