CSS3 features in IE8

I began writing this post in IE8*, something I didn’t think I’d be doing just a short while ago; the IE team have certainly been busy in the last 18 months! As it’s beta software there are obviously quite a few rough edges and we can’t consider it feature complete, but I thought I’d take a look at what features of CSS 3 have made it in already.

The short answer: not many! In fact, the only ones I can find are the substring matching attribute selectors:


These allow you to choose elements based on substrings of their attributes; that begin with, end with, or contain (respectively) the provided value. Update: As has been pointed out in the comments, these were already available in IE7; I should have known that, as I wrote the (now outdtated) compatibility table! In my defence, it was very late when I wrote this post…

Other than that, nothing I can see. Although it’s not new to CSS3, generated content is supported, which is good news. Using the :before and :after pseudo-elements, you can add text content (and images according to the spec, although they don’t seem to work in IE8);

E:before { content: 'foo'; }
E:after { content: 'foo'; }

No opacity or RGBA yet, which is a shame as they’re supported in almost all of the other browsers. Still, it must be remembered that there’s still time for new features to be added before release.

* I had to switch to Firefox; IE8 is not ready just yet!