Improve Your Sites Landing Pages

Your landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page is the page most visitors will see after clicking a search link or advertisment. There are a number of things that you can do to improve your site’s landing page. So here’s a list of 15 resources that should help you get the most from your sites pages.

  1. Top Landing Page Tips from the Pros:

    This set of tips from Seldom Static pulls in advice from the biggest experts all over the Web to one convenient location.

  2. Seven Tips for Effective Landing Pages:

    Blogger Jeanne Jennings lays out seven tips that can help turn a dud of a landing page into a success.

  3. Ten Tips for Lead Generating Landing Pages:

    This article by VP of marketing Jon Miller tells you how to maximize your landing page to generate more business to business leads.

  4. Seal the Deal: 10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page:

    Copyblogger guest blogger Roberta Rosenberg shares her expertise in creating effective and persuasive landing pages with these ten tips.

  5. Landing Page Success Tips:

    This article on WikiHow gives four basic tips on making your landing page visitors into customers.

  6. 10 Tips for Product Landing Pages:

    If your landing pages are designed to sell a product to customers these tips can be useful in creating the ideal landing page with enough information to intrigue buyers but not so much to overwhelm them.

  7. 7 Tips on Writing a Website Landing Page Sequence:

    This article addresses not only how to make your landing page better but how to improve the pages that follow as well.

  8. Five Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Increases Conversion Rates:

    A big part of your landing page is the copy that it contains so don’t let it go by the wayside. Use these tips to improve your marketing effectiveness.

  9. 5 Tips for Healthy Landing Pages:

    Afraid your landing pages might be ailing? Use these simple tips from iMedia to bring them back.

  10. 8 Essential Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rates:

    The purpose of a landing page is to increase conversion rates so make sure yours is doing its job with these tips.

  11. Top Ten Landing Page Tips to Drive Action:

    Landing pages can be very valuable assets to ecommerce, so use these ten tips to make them as effective as they can be.

  12. Good Landing Site Design Tips:

    How your landing page looks and reads plays a big role in how likely people are going to be to click on what you want them to. These design tips can help to get you on the right track.

  13. 5 Easy Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert:

    The whole point of a landing page is to turn visitors that are just browsers into subscribers or buyers, so check out these 5 tips to improve your success rate.

  14. 8 Tips for a Stronger Call to Action:

    Ultimately your landing page should be motivating a visitor to do something. Increase the strength of that motivation by using these tips from EmailLabs.

  15. Inside Tips On Creating A Successful Landing Page:

    Get some insider info on creating landing pages that work from WebOneUK.

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