12 Websites To Help You Learn Flash/ActionScript

Adobe Flash is an excellent technology that allows developers to add
interactivity and smooth animations to web pages. Its popularity is so
immense that you’ll find many websites dedicated to helping developers
interested in Flash.

In this article, you’ll find 12 wonderful websites that’s worth a bookmark if you’re looking into sharpening your Flash development skills. For each entry, you’ll find three tutorials from the website so that you can see what’s in store for you.

1. kirupa.com

kirupa.com - screen shot.

kirupa.com is a site that features excellent Flash
tutorials (as well as Silverlight, ASP.net, PHP, and Photoshop). There
are plenty of well-written, detailed tutorials and articles pertaining
to Flash sectioned into seven categories including Basic Drawing, Special Effects, Server-side Flash, and Game Development.

Tutorial examples:

2. gotoandlearn.com

gotoandlearn.com - screen shot.

Some people learn best by visualization and following along with the
instructor step-by-step in real-time. If you’re the type that prefers
to learn by watching instructional videos, check out gotoandlearn.com – a website by Lee Brimelow that offers free Flash video tutorials.

Tutorial examples:

3. gotoAndPlay()

gotoAndPlay() - screen shot.

gotoAndPlay() is dedicated to providing resources for Flash
game developers. It’s a community that has a forum, interviews from
professional developers, and reviews of books and resources. It also
has tutorials and articles about Flash game development that can be
filtered by topic, expertise, and type.

Tutorial examples:

4. Adobe - Flash Developer Center

Adobe - Flash Developer Center - screen shot.

Adobe’s Flash Developer Center is a community for Flash
developers. Here, you’ll find tutorials, articles, and related
resources about Flash. You should also check out the ActionScript Technology Center for articles on specifically about ActionScript.

Tutorial examples:

5. Flash Kit

Flash Kit - screen shot.

Flash Kit is one of the biggest and oldest community
dedicated to Flash development. With over 600,000 members, you won’t
have a hard time finding people with a similar interest in Flash.
There’s a forums section, free resources that you can download and use
in your Flash projects, and a large tutorials section that includes 18

Tutorial examples:

6. ActionScript.org

ActionScript.org - screen shot.

ActionScript.org is a site that provides resources and information pertaining to Flash, Flex, and ActionScript. They have a fairly active Forums section as well as an ActionScript Library that currently has over 700 objects you can download.

Tutorial examples:

7. Flash and Math ActionScript 3 Tutorials

Flash and Math ActionScript 3 Tutorials - screen shot

Flash and Math has a great collection of tutorials on AS3.
They cover basic to advanced topics so that Flash developers of any
level can find something they can read and learn from. Many of the
tutorials include the source files for download.

Tutorial examples:

8. Flash Tutorials on Pixel2Life

Flash Tutorials on Pixel2Life - screen shot.

Pixel2Life, according to the site, is the "largest tutorial
index catering to graphic designers, webmasters and programmers". With
over 40,000 indexed tutorials, you’ll find many links to tutorials in
their Flash Tutorials section.

Indexed tutorial examples:

9. Flash Perfection

Flash Perfection - screen shot.

Flash Perfection is a website with a large collection of
Flash tutorials, tips, and tricks from various websites. Flash
Perfection has 23 categories to help you find information more quickly.

Indexed tutorial examples:

10. metah.ch

metah.ch - screen shot.

metah.ch has some awesome video tutorials on Flash,
ActionScript, Flex, and AIR. Files associated with the tutorials can be
downloaded and used in your own projects.

Tutorial examples:

11. LukaMaras.com

LukaMaras.com - screen shot.

LukaMaras.com offers detailed Flash tutorials and resources designed to help you learn Flash. There’s also a small forums section with over 3,000 registered users where you can discuss anything related to Flash.

Tutorial examples:

  1. ActionScript drop-down menus
  2. How to make pixel buttons in Flash the easy way.
  3. How to make an amazing dynamic image gallery in Flash 8

12. Flashmagazine

Flashmagazine - screen shot.

Flashmagazine is an online magazine dedicated to Flash news, reviews, information, and resources. The Tutorials section has some excellent tutorials for Flash developers.

Tutorial examples:

I hope you found this article useful! Since there’s so many websites
out there dedicated to Flash development, I can’t include them all, so if you didn’t see your favorite – please share it with all of us in the comments.

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