70 Coding Ideas + 80 Design Tips

It doesn’t matter, whether you’ve been working with CSS for years
or have started to learn it recently. In both cases expert ideas for
CSS coding and creative approaches for professional design are
extremely valuable and can turn out to be life-savers in the design
process. You might never use some of them, but it’s nice to have them
right in front of you, on your desk, once you need them.

Recently we’ve published 35 Designers x 5 Questions and 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding,
in which we’ve tried to cover the most important coding and design
issues. Afterwards we’ve received dozens of e-mails, in which you asked us to pack both articles in .pdf-files, so they can easily be printed out for quick reference. And we’ve promised to do it. In every e-mail we’ve received.

So now it’s time to keep the promise. You can download both articles
as .pdf-files, print them out and use them as a handy cheat sheet for
usual problems you might run into in your next projects. Feel free to spread the word to developers who might be willing to use it, but please don’t refer to .pdfs, but to this article. Respect our work. Please.