Finding Work as a Freelance Writer

Finding Work as a Freelance Writer

When many people make the decision to become a freelance writer,
they are inevitably intimidated by all of the options that are
available. Once they get over that intimidation, they start trying to
find work as a freelance writer. And they usually come up empty handed.
Is it for a lack of jobs? Nope. It simply happens because newbies to
the game of freelance writing have no idea whatsoever where to find
freelance work as a writer. As a result, they give up without ever
giving themselves a fair shot. That is why I will be talking about
finding work as a freelance writer in this article, in the hopes of
giving newbies a fair chance at becoming successful

5 Tips for Finding Work as a Freelance Writer

Tip #1: Check out Craigslist

Yes, it’s true that Craigslist has gotten a somewhat bad reputation
in recent months with stories about people getting hurt after
responding to a Craigslist ad, but none of this applies to writing and
Craigslist still is one of the best places online to find work as a
freelance writer. I myself have found several projects through
Craigslist and it remains a solid place to find work. You can find work
on Craigslist by checking out the jobs > writing/editing section, as
well as the gigs > writing section. Don’t just check your local
city, but rather, check the top cities in the United States, as most of
these jobs will be telecommuting and the employer will not worry about
where you are based.

Tip #2: Elance

Some people have bashed Elance because it charges a monthly fee for
15 or more bids. However, I have found that Elance is an invaluable
source for finding work as a freelance writer. In just the month or so
I have been there, I’ve already won 3 projects paying around $300.
There are hundreds of new projects posted every month, and since it is
a paid site, you will be competing against only 1-15 other people in
your bidding. Plus, it is only $9.95 per month to join, so it is a
really small investment for great work opportunities.

Tip #3: RentaCoder/GetaFreeLancer

I really cannot say enough about RentaCoder. Since joining there
about a year ago, I have made around $4450 in writing projects. It is a
constant source for work, and most projects pay pretty well, too. Sure,
you are competing against lots of other bidders, but if you emphasize
that you are an American/British/Canadian writer, you will have a leg
up against the competition. GetAFreeLancer is also a terrific source
for writing projects.

Tip #4:

If you’ve gotten tired of using freelance project bid sites, it
might be time to check out This is a site that will
show you all of the available telecommuting writing jobs currently
available, and a good amount of these are very well paying. While you
will not find as many project possibilities with this site as you would
on a freelance site, you should find some quality work here.

Tip #5: Always Provide Samples

If you have tried the sites listed above and have come up empty
handed, don’t fret: you still can win projects, and it’s possible
you’ve missed out so far for one reason: you didn’t provide samples.
Since you are new to freelance writing on the internet, buyers will
want you to prove that you have “it” and can write quality articles,
ebooks and guides for them. The best way to prove this is to provide
samples of your writing work when bidding on any projects and show the
buyer that you are competent. If you do that, you will win projects and
make money online as a freelance writer.