How to win auctions on freelance websites

Freelance websites offers a nice platform for buyers and coders to sell and purchase services. These services mainly include software components, website designs, copywriting and data entry. Many people opt freelancing as their career and start their small business from these freelancing websites. Even the most experienced person lacks the art of winning auctions. If you are relied on the freelancing websites, then you really need to polish your skills and communication so as to get a proper work for your business.

Registration process in such websites is very easy. You have to specify some personal information and payment methods. Payment can be made through cheques, banks or paypal. Once you are registered you are ready to find the auctions. But before this, you will have to set up a nice profile on the website. A profile commonly includes your photograph or company logo, resume and key skills. As these things will reflect your skills before the buyer, you will have to be very careful while setting up your profile.
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Getafreelancer offer gold membership with monthly fees. Gold members enjoy some extra facilities on the website such as raised rankings on a bid request, unlimited number of bids per month, etc. Rentacoder suggests “Expert Certification Exam” to prove the expertise on a particular language or subject in front of buyer. The use of these facilities is optional, but they are useful if you want a long term work on these websites.

Carefully select the bid filter requests. This facility is provided in most of the freelancing websites. Different sections are divided regarding to the area of expertise. You may have to select the categories lying in your expertise and the buyer is allowed to see this selection.

Finding auctions on these websites is also easy. In some sites like Getafreelancer and Scriptlance, there are links to separate categories on the top of home page. You can click on the correct category to find auctions.

Finding a bid can be a little bit typical and time consuming. You will have to look into the categories carefully and find an appropriate bid request. Most of the buyers know very well about the appropriate categories, so you will not have to roam here and there on the website in order to find the work. If you find yourself uncomfortable to find the bid requests by this procedure, there is one more facility provided by the freelancing websites for the ease of users. An email notification can be send to your email address regarding to the bid requests that match your areas of expertise. By this way, you can find the bid requests directly in your inbox. The title of every bid request is self-explanatory. So you can judge the request by its title. A link to every bid request is provided so that you can reach the particular page to find more details about the bid request. These email notifications can be instantaneous or daily.

I strongly suggest to try “Trial projects”, marked this Trial project icon. Because newbies get a better chance to win: only non-rated providers may bid on ‘Trial projects’. Say, I can’t place my bid on ‘Trial project’ because I have 184 ratings. My collection of Trial project Trial projects available for you.
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When you find an interesting bid request, it is the correct time to bid on it. Read all the information provided by the buyer and download all the attachments with the bid request. Most of the buyers provide accurate information about the project. If there is something missing, you can ask questions to the buyer. When everything settles in your mind, you can estimate cost and place a bid. You should clear everything from your side before placing a bid. It is important to review the deadline for the project. If there is no deadline specified by the buyer, you should ask the buyer or you can provide the estimated time along with the bid.

The message posted with the bid must be very carefully designed. It decides the first impression before the buyer. The buyer proceeds with you only if he is interested by seeing the first message. Many coders use robots to place bid on every bid request and unfortunately buyers know this fact. The first message will insist the buyer that you are not a robot and you are the most qualified person for the project.

During the bid request, you should communicate with the buyer very freely. Try to communicate onsite only. This can be your plus point when something goes wrong with the project and arbitration is needed on the bid request. Manage your time efficiently and complete the work before the deadline. Post the proceedings of the project in a timely manner and ask the views of buyer on it. Once the work is completed, you can submit the whole work in a working format. If you are developing software or a web application, do not forget to include a short documentation about the project. Now your work is complete and you are ready to signoff. Congratulations! You have completed the project successfully.

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