When Nature Calls, Nature Inspired Websites

The environment has seen some serious media attention in the past
year or so, celebrities trying to save the environment, and super
retail companies offering environmentally safe bags instead of plastic.
The environment has had a great impact on us recently, and it’s not shy
to the web.

When would you have ever thought that, you could feel so refreshed and
peaceful while looking at a computer screen, surrounded by the mounds
of papers on your desk. Web designers are using nature to inspire their
web projects, this trend/theme seems to give the user pure joy and
happiness. I know when I see a site with great bright blues and green’s
with clouds and leaves.. I love looking at it and I can’t help but to
feel so refreshed. Another element in nature inspired web design is the
levels. Many sites have 3-4 background levels that create an
underground scroll, for example; Clouds > Grass > Dirt > and
whatever is after dirt! I really had a lot of fun working on this
post.. I hope this trend carries on!!

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