Google Chrome Review

Download Here: My editor for the blog no longer works. I think lots of people will find the WYSIWYIG editors for their blogs and such broken. I THINK FCK now works in latest version but I have yet to test. I have reports that latest wordpress uses latest FCK and works fine.

All my current sites work fine. Gmail nice and snappy. The import tool brought in everything from Firefox.

Install was easy, it required me to close FF first so it could import my bookmarks, default search, etc.

When first running Chrome it asked me if I wanted to keep the search provider it imported (google) and had an option right here to change to something else.

The home page / start page is basically a history of your most popular pages you visit as well as new bookmarks and searches, etc. I like my old home page portal (igoogle) wonder if I should give this some time, I want my feeds darn it.

Ah, in options I can change the default home page behavior, and even have the home button show back up. I set mine up so my home page is the old igoogle page, but a new tab will open their fancy interface with most visited pages and search stuff.

The top bar is very clean.

I swear Plurk is slower in Chrome then FF. Maybe its just plurk though. Need more testing.

It imported my stored usernames and passwords from Firefox.

The URL bar / search box highlights the domain when showing the full url. The rest of the page name and such are lighter gray.

Flash works just fine so far. No need to reinstall flash. Woot! Friend has problems with displaying flash on adobe's site. He has just slightly older version of flash. Works fine for me. Also I heard from someone that gmail attach file wasn't working, though that also works fine for me.

Task Manager is cool: showing plugins and each tab network use, cpu and memory. I LOVE the network use, wasn't expecting that.

Type in about:memory in the browser for very detailed report on memory use and more. cool.

When hovering over link it shows the full url for that link in lower left corner above site content instead of having status bar. Is there no status bar now? hmm.

Feels like beta. I went to adobe pages, got redirected oddly. Sometimes all tabs stop responding for few seconds. Gonna watch task manager for a bit to see whats up.

I have 2 windows with flash open from different sites. Showing plug-in at 40mb and 20-40 cpu. but doesn't show me which one. In fact I think gmail uses flash. It shows plugin when I open up gmail, but when I close that tab plugin goes away. Huh.

Viewing page source shows line numbers.

OH, Inspect Element! Right click on something in page and select 'inspect element' and it shows css/html details. Not the same as firebug, but a good built in option. Resources show colored time to download as well as size. Nice looking stuff.

Friend just told me the inspect element feature is likely Drosera or some variation of it.

I swear sometimes some files or urls or something cause it to redirect. Don't have more details yet but its just odd.

Did we have an option to install anywhere other then 'program files'? I don't recall seeing and I certainly want to do that on my vista box.

Read on twitter how links in don't work. Confirmed not working for me in Chrome, but fine in FF. URL Encode issue?

Downloading files is kinda cool. Big arrow points to bottom of page where download status is at. Much better then a pop up window, but maybe not obvious enough for some folks?

Not finding sites that have issues. I want to confirm that if a site has issue in displaying that same issue happens in safari. Anyone with sites as examples please comment.

People with questions on when google chrome talks to google, etc should read this.

You can easily add more search engines to the suggestion bar or have it not perform that service at all by right clicking the text box and selecting 'edit search engines...'

I want to hide my bookmars bar and just have link or button for them to show up. Easy to hide bookmark bar (cntr b) but then how do I find bookmarks?

I love built in spell checker. looove it.

Doing CNTRL F for find works well, like that it highlights all items on page, then moves through them. Is this same in safari. Bah I need to download and install Safari to compare.

I was resisting Safari as I didn't like apple forcing it in my updater. Silly reason, but still.

Interesting. The 'chrome' in Vista looks so much better then xp. Its blue in xp, and Vista is black/grey. Just looks better.

Don't bother trying to open xml or RSS with the browser yet. Just junk.

Sometimes when I am typing in a form box that should have focus there is a long pause. Just now it interpreted whatever I was typing as 'go back 3 pages in history' hmm. Ah, I see. hitting the backspace key on keyboard goes back in history. So if your typing something in but something is wrong, it ignores all letters till you hit backspace.

HAH! Google Groups doesn't support Chrome yet. To edit pages and such you must use FF or IE. :-)

In textareas (big boxes for html forms) there are now little dots in the bottom right corner. Click and drag those dots to make the text area bigger for a page if needed. Seems to work pretty well. I can't make it smaller, only bigger though. Interestingly once I made the field larger, it stayed that way on future visits.

Must find way to disable backspace key on keyboard from taking me back in history. I HATE it!

Looks like there is a themes folder for the install. So clearly we will see some sort of themes option at a later date.

The user agent for Chrome is: (likely to change) Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/0.A.B.C Safari/525.13

Just crashed on me for the first time. The other tabs were completely useless while the video stuttered (embeded youtube). eventually a pop up told me the tab was stalled and did I want to kill it. I said yes, and after a very long time, it closed, but the whole system and all other tabs were very slow to respond still. It certainly didn't keep the instability contained to just one tab. Maybe thats because it wasn't JS but a plugin?