Important things to know before go live

It is of the upmost importance that your website practices good web design techniques which will enable your website to get the maximum amount of traffic, therefore making the maximum amount of profit.


The most important thing to consider on the World Wide Web is that your website/blog reaches certain web standards. These are set out at Your website may look good in commonly used browsers like Internet Explorer, Firfox and Safari, if layout desing breaks you WILL lose visitors. Around 45% of people worldwide use Internet Explorer, 35% Firefox and 20% other browsers so that’s 55 peoples out of every 100 that visit your site using a different browser so cross-browser support MUST be considered.

Navigation Navigation

Ensure your navigation should be easy as possible, make sure it is clear and concise and that at any point of a visitors browsing they know where they are and how to get back to where they came from. If a visitor experiences any confusion in any way they Will leave your website.


Text paragraphs should always be kept at reasonable lengths. If a block of text appears to be too big it can deter some a lot of visitors from reading your content. If you have got a lot of content to go on a page you should always try and split them into small text blocks, this way visitors will be able to pick out what they need to know a lot easier and they will not feel as though they are reading an essay.

If you are using any images, make sure they are optimized to the smallest possible size and try and reduce the number per page. Images will slow the loading of a website down and the majority of the time they aren’t really necessary.

Stay away from using any sort of scripting languages throughout your website for visual images/effects. Scripting can slow down the loading time of a page on your website and even cause the browsers, in some cases, to crash. If you really have to use them, export the code to a different page and reference it when needed.

Lastly, make your pages with CSS, this reduces the amount of code on your web pages enabling them to load quicker and it also saves you a lot of time when re-styling or adjusting the web site in the future.