Myriad Search, Father of Search Engines

I have never heared better search engine than google, yahoo, msn etc. Just imagine if some search engine search all engines under single window. Yes, it can be done by Myriad search. It provides various searche engines result under one window means you can search a keyword in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves in same time.

Advertisement free meta search service which allows users to grab results from search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves. It provides a feature which enables the user to add a negative or positive bias to tweak the importance of an engine. It also allows to export the result page as CSV file.

It allow users to set the search depth (from 10 to 50 results per engine).

For me its time saving, easy to use, more interactive yes wide option. So happy searching guys. Keep posting your feedback.

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