Photoshop Tutorial: How to make nice glossy button?

In this post I would like to share how to make nice glossy button with photoshop. If you use photoshop regularly you would like this tutorial. These glossy buttons would match Web 2.0 design standards. Ok we are ready to start now. First look this button that we are going to design:

glossy button

Step 1
Make new document with any size you want by pressing Ctrl+N (I usually do with short command it saves our time) or you can go to file menu and then select New, I am taking here 230x30 pixels size this is standard button size.

Step 2
Now fill this area with any color by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE I am filling this with light grey color.

Step 3
Now select newly created layer and right click on that to select blending option, Blending option pallett will open now select gradient overlay option from the left side of the pallett.

Step 4
With selected gradient option, click on gradient to edit it with the colour of your choice.

Step 5
Now adjust with color stop of left sided and right sided with your own choice I am filling up with light grey shade and then press ok.

Step 6
Your Blending option pallett already opened so select Stroke option from the left side where you have select Gradient overlay. Now adjust stroke size with 1px like I have done in picture given below and press ok.

Now you are done and your nice glossy button is ready. After you learning this tutorial you can adjust colour of your own choice to make different type of button. How do you like this tutorial? Rate this or send comments/suggestions.

All the best.