Web Design - How to Make your Website Professional?

Website design should have good look and feel to attract visitors and to convert visitors into potential customers. Keeping this in view the website can bring business to you only if it looks professional as it represents your business identity and standard of service you provide.

A good looking professional web design can do wonders for your brand image and credibility online. Here are some innovative ways in which you can now transform ordinary pages into stunning web pages.

Don’t use too much animation

Having too much of blinking text or excessive graphics can actually distract visitors from your site. The key to good website design is to ensure your pages are clean and focused and help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Pop ups are a strict no-no

Pop ups are very irritating, take away from the purpose of the site and in general serve no useful function at all! Great website designing is all about leading the customer to making purchases online, instead of getting them distracted and irritated along the way!

No image backgrounds

You will be surprised to hear this but having an image background on your site can actually send out the wrong signals to customers! Any professional web design strategy will never use such images. They send out an impression that your site lacks quality, is unprofessional and is generally sub-standard.

Organize and categorize

This is one of the most important elements of good quality web design. Products are well categorized and organized to help visitors find what they’re looking for easily. You could even have a site map so that visitors are further helped in finding what they need.

Too much clicking can annoy!

Visitors are far more likely to abandon your site if they find that they need to keep clicking on your site to get the information they want. A lot of bad quality website design strategies will use an introductory Flash page that really does not serve any use.

- It is not recognized by search engine robots

- It does not entice visitors too much

- It takes away from the main purpose of the site

Chunk it up!

Putting too much information on a single page is another element of bad web design. Any high quality site will usually break up information into easy to read sections. You can always have hyperlinks to help readers navigate.

Getting to the home page

Sometimes some sites have so much information that on reaching deeper page levels the visitor may not know how to go back to the Home page! So always make sure that as part of a professional web design approach you have a link that says ‘Go to Home page’.

Keep it optional

You want visitors to feel like they are in control. Therefore forcing them into visiting a page is always a bad idea. Good website design will always use menus and drop down sections to help visitors pick and choose whichever section they want to visit!

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